Bug Bite Itch Relief Stick

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Organic Beeswax, organic coconut oil, organic almond oil, organic honey, organic patchouli, organic lemon grass and cedar wood essential oils.


Pull the cap, and apply directly to your bug bite. Wait and let dry and your itch will go away faster then you can think about it!

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Bug Bite Itch Relief Stick from Ellie and Mickey’s Bakery is actually the sole reason why we at Wellness World decided to pick up their products in the first place. (Keep reading)

The Story
At our retail location we are located inside of a car wash. Inside this car wash there was at the time a non functional water fountain with leftover stagnate water. Of course, this just led to the birthing of mosquitoes!  Everyone was getting bit even myself which is rare for me. After 4 bites in 1 day I had enough. Before I could even start a search for a fix I had a random customer walk in and give us this Bug Bite Itch Relief Stick that looked like a generic tube of chapstick. At any rate I applied it and started talking to the woman. Not a minute goes by and viola! the itch was gone on all 4 bites!
I asked her if she made it and to my surprise she didn’t . But, I went on the hunt and found them. Ellie and Mickey’s Bakery which is a small family owned operation that operates only at craft shows. They are a humble family out of San Bernardino with whole hearts that make honest products for honest people at an honest price! 

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